About Us

Our company was founded in 2015 by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs with linguistic, medical, and legal background.

Our team carries out both basic and applied research in NLP. We develop our own cloud-based search engine and related applications based on the latest technologies available.

The core of our technology is our linguistic-mathematical model of the semantics and grammar of natural languages created by our researchers.

Negentropics has an affiliate owned by 100%.

  • Argus Tech Service Ltd. / Árgus Tech Szolgáltató Kft. is the owner of BrightMeUp! and HírSpektrum software services that sells in SaaS business model.

Our Product

Based on our technological innovation, we created a knowledge base application – BrightMeUp! - that combines a semantic search engine, a news aggregator, and a new, trainable feature (called Avatar), providing a customizable learning source.

Our application ‘learns to understand’ texts based on their content. It can evaluate them, group them, recognize similarities, and seek texts with similar content. The model is simple and easily trainable, requires low computational resources, and is completely language-independent.

Although we live in an online information flood, there are many situations when we cannot find the right piece we need for decision making or stay updated in a fast-changing business area.

Our product that has been built around people’s information gathering needs allows deep exploring and recognition or continuous following of a specific - even a very complex – topic. It is possible quickly and automated, thanks to our intelligent virtual tool (Avatar). It can learn quickly, then collect and structure a substantial amount of news/information, allowing the user to get profound knowledge or stay up-to-date on that topic.

Our product helps people and companies to access relevant information in real-time and transform it into competitive knowledge by using AI that understands their needs and can narrow down the endless pile of information to the essential pieces.


Our Budapest based office, located in pulsating downtown, has all features that provide a good atmosphere for creative, effective work. We are constantly developing and are open to new technologies in a growing field of AI.

Our technology stack includes

AWS EC2 Redis Git
AWS Lambda MongoDB Go
Netlify PostgresSQL React
Docker Tensorflow

In recent years, our small community has grown into a forged team, thanks to the traditional barbeques on the roof.
Furthermore, to keep up the pace with newer and newer innovations, everyone from the team is a returning guest in various professional conferences and meetups.
At work and in leisure activities, we strive to improve ourselves in different areas of life, such as running, swimming, or even mastering the mystique of Latin dances.

Our Team


Why you should join us

  • Besides competitive salary and unlimited coffee, you can be exposed to new technologies, you can form the culture of a developing team.
  • We have a rooftop office in the downtown of Budapest with a sunny terrace and summer grill parties.

If you want to be part of an innovative and agile team which is working on to achieve international success then do not hesitate to contact us.

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Mid-Senior Full Stack Developer

Position 2

Test Engineer

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