About us

Negentropics Artificial Intelligence Ltd. develops text-analyzing and -evaluating IT products using a unique semantic technology.

It is a Hungarian startup company that was founded in 2014 by three private individuals.

Our technology is based on the new mathematical model of the semantics of natural languages. The application built on this model ‘learns to understand’ the texts, based on their content it is able to evaluate them, group them, recognize similarities or search for texts with similar content. It’s simple and easily trainable, requires low computational sources, and is completely language-independent.


Slamby – language independent document classification solutions

Slamby provides language independent document classification solutions with the highest accuracy on a dedicated server that allows companies easily classify and manage their documents.

The Slamby text classification application allows you to automatically categorize new incoming unknown texts according to a pre-designed and trained classification structure.

Areas of Application: classification of ads, e-mail management with automatic classification, categorization of documents (e.g. classification of CVs).

Should you need more information, visit Slamby website: www.slamby.com